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Remote administration – Outsourcing your IT needs

For many smaller businesses, who cannot justify the expense of a dedicated IT professional, the outsourcing of the management and administration of the IT systems can make a lot of sense. Not only does this save you money, but it gives you access to qualified professionals who are committed to delivering best practices.

We offer an efficient remote administration managed service of servers, network hardware and workstations backed up with Service Level Agreements if required. These give you the peace of mind to be sure that when you require assistance, you will be guaranteed that it will be done in a quick and efficient manner.

Service Level Agreements

Through our help desk system, we can ensure that all requests are answered in an efficient manner and within the agreed upon time frames. Our system also ensures that you are notified of every request status including updates and completion notifications.

Benefits of Outsourcing Administration

  • Save costs on hiring a dedicated IT professional
  • Access to qualified professionals
  • Guaranteed response times
  • Cost effective

Remote Monitoring of your Business Critical Servers

We offer a very cost effective remote monitoring service with proactive response for your business critical systems. Remote monitoring has been seen as a tool for enterprises only, due to the expense and complexity associated with installing and operating such a system. We are pleased to offer a very cost effective remote monitoring service to smaller and medium sized businesses.

How it works

Simply, we configure a secure path to your Local Area Network and with the use of agents we can monitor all your business critical servers and network hardware. If any hosts or services go down, we will be notified in real time and take immediate action. For example, if your main Internet connection was to go down, our monitoring system would alert us and we would take troubleshooting steps and notify your ISP immediately if required.

Benefits of Remote Monitoring

  • Monitor business critical systems
  • Monthly reports on system and network availability
  • Proactive response
  • Cost effective
  • 24 x 7 x 365 service
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