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Comms Rooms Solutions

GPS IT Services Ltd offer a turnkey design and installation service for small data centres and comms rooms including new builds and refurbishments. There are several critical elements to a successful data centre/comms room. These include power, cooling, cable management, security, environmental monitoring and fire suppression. Getting these right from the start, will ensure that your data centre will operate smoothly with maximum availability. We can recommend the best solution for your budget.

Power and Backup Supply

Ensuring adequate power capacity and power conditioning is of critical importance when it comes to data centres and comms rooms. Capacity planning is of huge importance to ensure that your data centre can meet the power requirements of your servers into the future. Adequate UPS and generator backup with power conditioning are also of the upmost importance to eliminate power surges and spikes and to provide uninterrupted clean power to your data centre.

Cable Management

Installing adequate cable management from the start, is crucial to ensuring your data centre/comms room does not become a jungle of cables further down the road. Identifying clear cable routes and installing appropriate cable tray and routing systems will ensure that your cables are routed appropriately and tidily. Cable management at the patch panel and rack level is also hugely important.

Premises Cabling

GPS IT Services can offer your company full premises cabling solutions including structured cabling systems, power cabling, door access and premises security and CCTV cabling. With qualified and experienced electrical engineers, we can provide most wiring services at a very competitive price.

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling provides the infrastructure for all voice and data communications throughout your premises. Our structured cabling systems are designed to be flexible, future proof and highly reliable. We provide entry, horizontal and backbone cabling services. Typically, horizontal cabling to your floor or wall points is cabled in Category 6 (up to 1Gb speeds) or even Category 6e cable (up to 10Gb speeds). We also offer Category 5e as a cabling solution for small businesses on a budget.

Cable Management Solutions

Installing adequate cable management in your comms rooms and wiring closets from the start, is crucial to ensuring you are not left with a jungle of cables further down the road. Front, side and rear cable management should be installed in all cabling racks to provide cable routes and cable management. If you feel your comms room or wiring closets are becoming cable jungles, we may be able to help by installing cable management and re-patching cables.

UPS Backup

The availability of clean, conditioned power is perhaps the singularly most important requirement for a reliable IT infrastructure. Loss of power usually means loss of business, loss of customers and loss of revenue. Ensuring that your business can continue to function in the event of power disruption is of significant importance.

Not all businesses can justify the expense of a large UPS and generator to provide backup power to their data centre, or indeed their entire office. For some, it is a necessity. GPS IT Services have huge experience in this field and can customise a power backup solution to meet your business needs and budget.

UPS and Generator Solutions

There are a wide range of Uninterruptible Power Supplies on the market. It is important to install a UPS that can cope with the capacity of your server load and also meet the runtime requirements in the event of power failure. The function of a UPS, if a generator is not present, is to provide conditioned power to your business critical IT systems and to allow for a safe shutdown of the equipment in the event of extended power failure. If a generator is present, the UPS function is to provide conditioned power and ensure that there is no interruption to power delivery during the transition from mains to generator power.

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